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Mission & Vision
Successful innovation demands more than a good strategic plan; it requires creative improvisation as well. Much of the “serious play” that leads to breakthrough innovations is increasingly linked to experimentation and ideation through models, prototypes, and simulations.
INNOPLAY is an equal opportunist company. We are different from traditional companies in that we don’t encourage the concept of social stratification here; rather, everyone is equal. At INNOPLAY, we see every staff as a valuable asset and indispensable element of the business.  We push our employees to think outside the box and utilize their full talents in every part of their work. INNOPLAY provides opportunity for those willing to strive for it, and hopes that each employee can enjoy and cherish every moment of their work.
Pursuing execution that allows unlimited innovation for diverse users as they capture and share their moment anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. Taking advantage of over 10 years of experience in innovative product development to closely collaborate with engineers and top level professionals on cutting edge projects. Creating precise, convenient, highly mobile photography and film equipment of the highest quality.
Awards & Achievement

INNOPLAY gains recognition by the world largest brand in manufacturing mobile phone and camera,  To further capture the potential of our innovation, our brand KINOFI, an advance application and device, is to elevate the potential for the photography and videography market to the fullest in utilising technology to deliver the highest quality for mass and professional market.

Projects have been acknowledged by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University by winning Micro Fund Award and Incubation Technology Program organized by Hong Kong Science Park.

Hong Kong POLYU University Micro Fund Awardee
Hong Kong Government Science Park Incu Tech member
Released INNOPLAY & Polaroid PANO360 Crossover
Order from World biggest Tripod and photographer company, Manfrotto
Hong Kong POLYU University Tech Launchpad Fund (TLF) Scheme Awardee
ICT award best start up awardee, Merit
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